Make a routine appointment

  • You may attend either surgery
  • Melbourne Medical Centre tel: 01332 862124
  • Chellaston Medical Centre tel: 01332 720077
  • If you have more than one problem, or need longer than 10 minutes, please request a double appointment.  A GP may ask you to return for a second appointment, if you have not allowed enough time
  • Please make a separate appointment for each person - it is not possible for the doctor to see more than one person per appointment slot


All GPs have a number of pre-bookable appointments each day.  If you want to see a specific GP, or prefer to pre-plan the day or time you would like to attend - then these appointments might suit you best.  There may be a while to wait for a pre-bookable appointment; so if your need is more urgent then you may wish to use one of our other options below.  Please remember to cancel your appointment if you no longer need it.

GP ADVICE - Pre-bookable Telephone Appointments Please call AFTER 2pm to book these appointments.

If you do not need to see a GP, but would like to speak to a GP for advice (i.e. medication; sick note for work; test results); then you will be able to pre-book a telephone advice appointment. You will be given an approximate time when the GP will call you.

Please ensure that you are available take a call at the pre-arranged time. Please note that if the GP is busy, there could be a 1 - 2 hour time slot for telephone calls to take place. Remember to cancel the appointment if you no longer need it.

Please do not contact the GPs via nhs.mail as any clinical actions and requirements will not be picked up. The best way to contact a GP is via reception - Chellaston: 01332 72007/721650 or 

                                  Melbourne: 01332 862124 or 862054 or

NURSE APPOINTMENTS -  Please call AFTER 2pm to book your nurse appointment

These appointments are for ROUTINE care only.  Our nursing team has various grades and skills, therefore you will need to explain to the receptionist the type of nursing care you need, so that an appointment can be booked with the most appropriate nurse for your care. We are unable to offer nurse appointments online. 


We have a limited number of routine pre-bookable appointments which you are able to book online through Systmonline.  This service allows you to view, book and cancel GP appointments and also to order repeat prescriptions via the internet 24 hours a day. Please note that you cannot book GP telephone consultation; GP telephone advice; or urgent triage appointments online.


If you wish to register for online booking, please complete the registration form and hand it in to our receptionist.  This must be done in person for security reasons.  We will then arrange for a registration letter to be sent to you.

Click here to book online if you already have a username and password.

Please note that the online booking service is designed and operated by SystmOne and NOT by the practice.  Whilst we may be able to help you with logging in problems, we cannot change the content or design of the website.

It helps everyone, especially other patients, if you can remember to cancel your appointment. It's very quick to do and helps save the NHS money on missed appointments. You can do this by contacting reception:

Chellaston: 01332 72007/721650 or 

Melbourne: 01332 862124 or 862054 or

or via Systm1 if you have online access. Thank you.

If you need to cancel or rearrange a hospital appointment, or need to find out about appointment dates, it would be appreciated if you could please contact the hospital directly and not the Practice secretaries. Thank you.