Changes to Same-Day Appointment Booking from Monday 1 April 2024

As a practice we are constantly reviewing our appointment system to adapt to feedback from patients and keep in line the NHS increasing focus on utilising technology.

Over recent months we have received a number of complaints and comments from patients who have felt the need to queue outside the surgery before 8am in order to gain an appointment. We have also received comments and complaints from those patients who are unable to queue outside the surgery at 8am and feel that they are being put at a disadvantage.

Therefore, when the Practice reopens after the Easter Bank Holiday, i.e Tuesday 2 April 2024, the Practice will be changing how patients book same-day appointments.  You will no longer be able to book a same-day appointment at either Melbourne or Chellaston surgery front desk between 8:00am – 8:30am. 

Between 8:00am – 8:30am all same-day appointments will now be available by:

Telephone – Calling the Practice on 01332 720077 or 01332 862124

Please don’t be offended when our receptionists ask for information from you – they are using it to direct you to the most appropriate clinician.

This is to ensure that the booking system is fair to all.  Our telephone system allows for you to select a call back function which will hold your place in the queue.  However, please note that you must keep your phone with you at all times, so that you don’t miss the call back.

We only have limited appointments available this may mean that sometimes when you get to position number 1, the appointments may have all gone for the day and receiving treatment elsewhere may be advised.

Please note: Booking same-day appointments in person will no longer be possible between 8:00am – 8:30am.

In order to address patient comments regarding telephone waiting times, receptionist time will be directed towards answering patient calls instead.

Advanced, Nurse, Health Care Assistants and other services appointments will continue to be offered at various times.

The Practice will continue to monitor the appointment booking systems and review as necessary.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

GP Partners

Melbourne & Chellaston Medical Practice

New Phone System and Appointment Booking

The Practice now has a new telephone system successfully installed.  This new system comes with the feature of being able to hold your place in the queue and requesting a call back when you have reached #1 in the queue.  This will mean that there should now be no issue with getting in to the queue as we no longer have a limit on the number of queue positions.  There are going to be busier times when the queue positions are higher and patients now have the option to either wait on the phone, or request a call back, without their queue position being affected.  When the Reception team make the call back, if there is no answer by the patient it will mean that the place in the queue is lost and they will need to re-join the queue, we therefore ask that you keep your phone available until the call back has been received.  All calls are trackable and from feedback this morning, we are confident that this new feature will be a success. 

We would like to thank all of our patients for their patience through what we acknowledge has been a very frustrating time getting through to the surgery, leading to patients choosing to queue outside either surgery.  Unfortunately, our old system had limitations preventing us from making the much needed changes. 

People can continue to wait in person for when the doors open at 08:00 if they choose to do so but we would strongly encourage patients to use the call back feature from the comfort of their home, or for convenience if they are travelling to work etc.  GP Appointments release at 08:00 and are bookable via 3 methods (online, on the phone or in person).  If you require a routine appointment, then please speak to a member of the Reception Team and they will always try to accommodate where possible or signpost you accordingly.

Medication for fear of flying

People sometimes ask the doctor or nurse to prescribe diazepam, or similar drugs like lorazepam temazepam or clonazepam, for fear of flying or to help sleep during flights.

Prescribing these drugs is not recommended any more for these reasons:

  1. Although plane emergencies are rare, taking Diazepam reduces awareness and reaction times for patients so you risk not being able to react to save your life if you have to escape quickly. You may also put other people in danger by getting in their way or making them help you.
  2. The use of these drugs can make you sleep in an unnaturally deep sleep. This means you won’t move around as much as during natural sleep so you have a bigger risk of getting a blood clot (Deep Vein Thrombosis – DVT) in the leg or lungs. Blood clots are very dangerous and can kill. This risk is bigger if your flight is longer than 4 hours.
  3. They have short term bad effects on memory, co-ordination, concentration and reaction times, and are addictive if used for a long time, with withdrawal leading to fits, hallucinations, agitation and confusion. They have also become widely used drugs of abuse since they first came on the market. Diazepam in the UK is a controlled drug. The prescribing guidelines doctors have to follow say that that use to treat short-term ‘mild’ anxiety is inappropriate. They are only to be used short term for a ‘crisis in generalised anxiety’. But if you are having such a crisis you are not likely to be fit to fly. Fear of flying in isolation is not a generalised anxiety disorder.
  4. Some people get agitated and aggressive after taking diazepam and similar drugs, and behave in a way that they would not normally, which can pose a risk on the plane. This affects everyone’s safety and could get you into trouble with the law. A similar effect can be seen with alcohol, which has led to people being removed from flights.
  5. There is evidence use of these drugs stops the normal adjustment response that would gradually lessen anxiety over time, and may increase anxiety in the long term, especially if used repeatedly.
  6. Diazepam and similar controlled drugs are illegal in a number of countries. They may be confiscated or you may find yourself in trouble with the police.
  7. Diazepam stays in your system for some time. If your job or sport needs you to have random drug testing you may fail this having taken diazepam.
  8. It is important to tell your travel insurer about your medical conditions and medications you take. If not, there is a risk of your insurer not paying if you try to make a claim.

So we will no longer be providing Diazepam or similar drugs for flight anxiety. Instead please try one of these aviation industry recommended flight anxiety courses.

Fly And Be Calm™

Fly And Be Calm™ is an instant download and comes with a money back guarantee (Guarantee does not apply to app versions).6 MP3 tracks which include instructions, the fear removal tool and two hypnotic tracks. Visit the website:

The least expensive option, takes very little time, works on the root cause of your problem. If you are not 100% happy you can get a full refund.

Easy Jet

British Airways

Virgin Atlantic

Afternoon Closure – Weds 15th March

The Practice will be closed to allow staff to carry out mandatory training from 13:30 on Weds 15th March. If you need medical assistance after this time then please contact 111 and you will be advised accordingly. The Practice will re-open at 08:00 on Thursday 16th March. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Travel Advice

We are starting to see an increase in patients requesting travel advice before they travel overseas. To allow our nursing staff time to carry out the risk assessment on the form completed by the patient we will only accept travel forms where the departure date is 6 weeks or more. If you are travelling within the next 6 weeks please contact Derby Travel Clinic for more information

Afternoon Closure – Weds 15th Feb

The Practice will be closed from 13:30 on Weds 15th February for mandatory staff training. If you need medical assistance after this time then please call 111 and you will be advised accordingly. The Practice will re-open at 08:00 on Thursday 16th February.

Online Appointment Booking

Just a reminder that you are now able to book appointments via SysOnline for the following things:-

GP weekend appointments – show as “Extended Hrs” and are either Telephone or Face-to-Face-

GP weekday appointments – show as “Prebookable GP Slot” and are bookable 3 working days ahead and release at 07:30 each weekday.-

Contraceptive Pill Check-

Diabetes Review-

Asthma Review

If you need setting up for online access, or your password needs resetting please contact Reception who will gladly do this for you.

Important update re COVID pass

Now that holiday season is approaching, we have received some information regarding the COVID pass:-

Patients who have received a COVID vaccine in England but it is not showing on the COVID pass, please dial 119 and ask to be referred to the Vaccination Data Resolution Service. They will ensure your COVID pass is updated.

Patients aged 16+ who have had one or more COVID-19 vaccinations abroad approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) can book an appointment at a vaccination site to show evidence of their vaccinations and request an update to their record.

The NHS COVID Pass service is now available to 12-15-year-olds, accessible via for those aged 12 and over, and the NHS App for those aged 13 and over. Children do not need to contact their practice to get an NHS Login to generate a COVID Pass via the NHS App. Children will be able to access their digital NHS COVID Pass without undergoing a Gillick competency assessment with a medical professional, but the NHS App will withhold their other medical data unless an assessment has been taken

Please ensure you check your COVID pass is up to date in plenty of time before travelling to prevent any delays to your journey. Happy holidays!

Proof of Vaccination for 12-Year Olds (and Older) via the NHS App

From 3rd Feb 2021,13-15-year-olds will be able to sign up to the NHS app using their own e-mail address and as long as they pass validation with a passport, they will get access to covid vaccine certificates and also recovery certificates which will appear ten days after a positive covid PCR test and remain valid until 180 days after the date of the test. They will be able to order repeat prescriptions, if they have any, but won’t be able to have automatic access to the medical record. For this, they will need to approach their GP who will have to assess competence.

In addition to this, 12-year-olds and older will be able to request vaccine certificates online via or ring to request them via 119.

COVID Booster Programme

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on Sunday 12th December, the Practice will be re-starting the COVID booster clinics.
However, we are still awaiting sign off by the relevant channels and therefore no dates are available to book at present.
We therefore encourage patients to attend one of the sites available on the National Booking System:…/coro…/book-coronavirus-vaccination/
As soon as we have further update on when we can restart the clinics we will advise accordingly.
We are also chasing for an update on our Housebound patients who were supposed to be visited by a 3rd party team to deliver the vaccine. We will do what we can to get the vaccines to these patients as soon as possible.
In order to create capacity, the PM has informed that routine matters need to be put on hold. Therefore we have temporarily changed all GP appointments to “on the day” appointments rather than being able to pre-book. This will apply from week commencing 27th December as all other pre-bookable appointments before this have already been booked.
At this time we don’t see the need to cancel appointments but this could change at any time. Therefore we appreciate your co-operation and understanding if anything changes.
It is encouraging to know that over 56% of our patients who are eligible for a booster, have already had it. With the co-operation of our patients and the hard work of the Practice staff we are confident that patients will be boosted as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.