New Phone System and Appointment Booking

The Practice now has a new telephone system successfully installed.  This new system comes with the feature of being able to hold your place in the queue and requesting a call back when you have reached #1 in the queue.  This will mean that there should now be no issue with getting in to the queue as we no longer have a limit on the number of queue positions.  There are going to be busier times when the queue positions are higher and patients now have the option to either wait on the phone, or request a call back, without their queue position being affected.  When the Reception team make the call back, if there is no answer by the patient it will mean that the place in the queue is lost and they will need to re-join the queue, we therefore ask that you keep your phone available until the call back has been received.  All calls are trackable and from feedback this morning, we are confident that this new feature will be a success. 

We would like to thank all of our patients for their patience through what we acknowledge has been a very frustrating time getting through to the surgery, leading to patients choosing to queue outside either surgery.  Unfortunately, our old system had limitations preventing us from making the much needed changes. 

People can continue to wait in person for when the doors open at 08:00 if they choose to do so but we would strongly encourage patients to use the call back feature from the comfort of their home, or for convenience if they are travelling to work etc.  GP Appointments release at 08:00 and are bookable via 3 methods (online, on the phone or in person).  If you require a routine appointment, then please speak to a member of the Reception Team and they will always try to accommodate where possible or signpost you accordingly.