Additional Services

Minor Surgery

We do not routinely carry out minor surgery procedures at the Practice.  Certain minor surgical procedures can be done by various doctors. We ask that you see a GP initially who will then be able to direct you to the most appropriate person for the procedure.

Maternity Care

Routine antenatal care is done by our midwives, they refer to our doctors if needed and are responsible for organising your routine care, tests and hospital referrals.
Once you have had a positive pregnancy test, please call Reception to arrange a booking appointment with the midwife when you are approximately 8 weeks pregnant.
Post-natal care is carried out by the GP of your choice. For the 6-week post-natal check, simply call and make an appointment for yourself and a separate one for baby.

Family Planning

All the doctors are family planning trained and can therefore offer advice about various forms of contraception. The Practice no longer offers services for fitting either coils or implants.  Patients will need to contact the Sexual Health Clinic if they wish to proceed with this.  Details can be found at .

Cervical Smear Tests

Cancer of the cervix can be prevented and all female patients between the ages of 25 and 65 are advised to have regular smear tests. These tests are important because they can detect early signs of the disease which is then easily treated.
Please contact reception to make an appointment when you are due for a smear – you will be reminded by a letter which comes from the screening services at the health authority. If possible organise your smear for when you are mid-cycle. However, if this is difficult to predict then make an appointment and attend – very often the smear can still be taken.


Flu vaccinations – these are available each Autumn and we follow the Department of Health’s guidelines each year as to who is at risk and therefore eligible for the flu vaccination.
Foreign travel – a full range of advice and immunisations is available. Please make arrangements well in advance of travel. Once you know where you are going, simply call into reception and complete a travel form. This is then processed by the nursing team to determine what immunisations you need and if there will be any cost for them.

Child Health Clinic

The health visiting team is now based at Coleman Street clinic in Alvaston. They are responsible for routine checks and queries relating to the under 5s.
For your child’s immunisations, please make an appointment for the 8 weeks immunisation. The nurse will then advise you when other immunisations should be given.

COPD and Asthma Management

If you have COPD (chronic airways disease) or asthma, then we need to see you for a review once a year as a minimum. This review is usually done by one of our senior nurses; it is helpful if you could bring your inhalers, medications and peak flow metre (if you have one) to this appointment. We will send a letter reminding you that your review is due and you can then call to make an appointment that is convenient for you. Obviously, if you become unwell you should call to make an appointment in the usual way with a doctor.

Diabetic Clinic

This clinic is run by appointment with our fully qualified senior nurses.
The doctor will refer you to them when you are first diagnosed, they will then be able to see you and organise co-ordinated care and reviews.
Our senior nurses are both fully trained in insulin conversion and this is a service which we can offer patients rather than referring you to the hospital clinic to have this done.

Hypertensive Disease Monitoring

Patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) need to have their blood pressure measured regularly, usually every 6 months in order to reduce the risk of developing other serious diseases. Appointments for this are available with the practice nurse or health care assistant.