Online Services

You may use the internet for the following services:

  • Book or cancel appointments at either surgery.
  • Order your repeat prescription.
  • View a summary of your record.

Please ask at reception for details.

Our GP Partners confirm that all systems are in place to allow patients to access booking appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions, to view their Medical Record Summary, showing only recent medication and sensitivities and allergies, and their Detailed Coded Record, providing information on any codes added to their record i.e. vaccinations and immunisations history, consultations and test results.

Please Note: In December 2015, the process for ordering repeat prescriptions online was changed. To see a visual guide Click Here.

Patients should log on as normal and should see a screen showing ‘Medication’ on the left of the screen. Patients should click on ‘Medication’. This will take them to another screen, again showing Medication on the left-hand side. To order medication, patients should select ‘Medication’ again.

The next screen will show a list of repeat medication. If ordering routine repeats, select ‘Request existing medication’ and place a tick in the box of the medication required. Then select ‘Request Medication’.

Please Note: Prescription Requests shows patients previous online requests that have been made.

The system will only allow requests for repeat meds that are due in the next 7 days. Therefore, if patients need medications sooner, they should use the ‘Make custom request’ option and type a note of what is required and then select ‘Request Medication’.

The ‘notes’ field can also be used by patients to type requests for medications that are not yet on repeat and the Prescription clerks will check with the GP before issuing.